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David Sims
The earliest known references to Sims come from fragments of Sumerian and Hittite literature, where he is referred to alternately as "The Devourer" and "The Destroyer," though researchers specializing in tracing the myths and rumors of Sims down through the centuries suspect that he predates either civilization. Unfortunately, relatively little is known about his activities during antiquity except for the fact that a least a portion of his time was spent on the subcontinent of India (see Joel Morrison's "Conversations with an Archetype: An Interview with David Sims"). Some historians have suggested him as the actual sire of Alexander, but this theory has lacked supporting evidence since the Thebian Scrolls were proven to be a late fifth-century hoax (discussed in detail in the July 1987 edition of the Journal of Simsology). It should be noted that Sims is considered the most likely progenitor for the Merovingian bloodline by all credible historians, dismissing the psuedohistorians who cling to the "Grail" bloodline theory.
Currently, Sims holds a degree in international studies and is pursuing a juris doctorate degree at the University of Virginia. His doctors believe that his mild delusions (which apparently involve being some type of anthropomorphic personfication) are relatively harmless, and some of his friends suspect that he doesn't actually believe any of the stuff in the preceding paragraph.
(As a side note, the livejournal name "simsinnippon" comes from the fact that when I started this journal, I was studying in Tokyo (Japan, in Japanese, is "Nippon"), and this journal was a way of keeping in touch with friends at home. Now that I am no longer in Nippon, the name isn't really appropriate, but changing my current journal name would cost money, and setting up a new journal would take effort. So don't expect any changes anytime soon.)
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